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Пройдите легкий тест! Узнайте свой уровень!

Тест -очень простой! Он разработан так, чтобы вам было максимально удобно и легко его проходить. Тест закончится, как только вы превысите лимит ошибок или ответов «не знаю». Это удобно, т.к. вам не надо будет проходить весь тест если вы, например, находитесь на уровне Beginner.


Пройдите этот тест, чтобы определить насколько ваши знания соответствуют этому уровню
I. Choose the right answer. (Выберите правильный ответ)
1. I'd like to bring the meeting                            a few hours if that is alright with you.
2. I took it                            because it looks exactly like mine.
3. I`d prefer to do it                            because other people make me nervous.
4. The lights are not working. There must be a                           .
5. A: Is Gina that plump, blond-haired woman over there? B: No, she`s right opposite! She's a                            dark-haired one.
II. Choose the right answer. (Выберите правильный ответ)
1. After he (                          ) painting, he had a shower.
2. It is getting late. I think I (                          ) home now.
3. A: I'm sorry I must leave today. B: No problem. I (                          ) you to the airport.
4. I have a special plan for the weekend. I (                          ) how to make a fruit cake.
5. I still don't have a present for Lucy. I think I (                          ) her a CD.
III. Read the text and answer the questions. (Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы)

Marathon`s origin

A marathon is a popular long distance road race, which requires a lot of effort to complete. The word marathon has its roots in ancient history, as it gets its name from a coastal town in Greece.
On the 12th September, 490 BC, an important battle took place at Marathon between the Athenian Army and Persian invaders. The invading army were defeated, and an Athenian general sent a Greek runner to Athens to announce the news of the victory.
The town was about forty kilometers away from Athens. The man ran to Athens as fast as his legs could carry him. He passed on the message, before collapsing with exhaustion and dropping to the ground, dead.
A men's marathon of around forty kilometers was included in the first modern Olympic games, which was held in 1896 in Athens, Greece, although a women's marathon event was not officially included in the programme until the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984.
The marathon continues to be a very popular sport, and over five hundred marathons take place every year, worldwide. Half-marathons of around twenty-two kilometers are also very popular, as are mini-marathons (sometimes known as "fun-runs") which typically cover a much shorter distance.
1. What was the Marathon named after?(                          )
2. What is the "fun run"?(                          )
3. Where is marathon popular?(                          )
4. What does the word ?collapsing? mean?(                          )
5. When did the important battle take place in?(                          )
IV. Listen to the audio and say if the statement is TRUE or FALSE. (Прослушайте аудио и определите является утверждение правдивым (True) или нет (False))
1. Dad asks his son to turn the volume of the radio quieter. (                          )
2. The sound from Jason`s room disturbs his Mom incredibly. (                          )
3. Mom wants Lisa to tidy her room as soon as possible. (                          )
4. Dad thinks that they were different when they were kids. (                          )
5. Lisa is talking on the phone when her Mom asks her for a favor. (                          )
Если количество ошибок не превышает определенный лимит вы перейдете к следующему уровню теста. Иначе тест закончится и вы увидите свои результаты!
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