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Пройдите легкий тест! Узнайте свой уровень!

Тест -очень простой! Он разработан так, чтобы вам было максимально удобно и легко его проходить. Тест закончится, как только вы превысите лимит ошибок или ответов «не знаю». Это удобно, т.к. вам не надо будет проходить весь тест если вы, например, находитесь на уровне Beginner.


Пройдите этот тест, чтобы определить насколько ваши знания соответствуют этому уровню
I. Choose the right answer. (Выберите правильный ответ)
1. He was                            for having a forged passport.
2. She tried hard to                            a laugh.
3. Chopin wrote some wonderful                            of music.
4. I love that girl who has taken the 2nd place at the speech contest. She's nice and it looks like she has                           .
5. You may be                            to travel today, but be patient! This is not a good time to take a trip.
II. Choose the right answer. (Выберите правильный ответ)
1. They were all on the platform, waiting (                          ) arrive.
2. I wanted write to him but he (                          ) give me his address.
3. Sorry I'm late. (                          ) for a long time?
4. We've proved that he was guilty but he (                          ) doesn't admit it.
5. We (                          ) the same car for 12 years!
III. Read the text and answer the questions. (Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы)

Transport in the City of Manchester

Road Transport in the Greater Manchester Area

Greater Manchester lies at the heart of the transport network in the north west of England. Much of the region's transport infrastructure is centred around the City of Manchester with the Manchester Inner Ring Road, an amalgamation of several major roads, circulating the city centre. The county is the only place in the UK to have a fully orbital motorway, the M60, which passes through all of the boroughs except for Bolton and Wigan.
Greater Manchester covers a higher percentage of the motorway network than any other region in the country. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it has the most traffic lanes in the UK, spread side by side across several parallel carriageways. Greater Manchester's 85 miles of motorway network accounted for around 6% of the UK's total road traffic in 2002, equivalent to 89,000 vehicles a day.


Manchester is very well served by train services and has two mainline railway stations (Victoria and Piccadilly), linked to an extensive local rail network. Manchester airport is also served by its own railway station. In terms of passengers, Manchester Piccadilly was the busiest English train station outside London in 2005 and 2006. Manchester city centre additionally has over a dozen rail-based park and ride sites. High speed trains to London operated by Virgin Trains run from Manchester Piccadilly station, with journeys typically taking around 2 hours and 15 minutes.


Manchester has one of the most extensive bus networks in the UK outside London, with more than 50 bus companies operating within the Greater Manchester area that radiates out from the city. The main bus companies serving the region are First Manchester for the northern districts of the county and Stagecoach Manchester for districts south of the city. The First Manchester bus company runs a zero-fare bus service called Metroshuttle which operates on three city centre routes, ferrying commuters around Manchester's various business districts.


Manchester became the first city in the UK to acquire a modern light rail tram system when the Manchester Metrolink opened in 1992. The tram system serves the City of Manchester, the City of Salford, and the outlying districts of Bury and Trafford. The present system mostly runs on former commuter rail lines converted for light rail use, and crosses the city centre via on-street tram lines. The tram network currently consists of three lines, with 37 stations (including five on-street tram stops in the centre). An expansion programme is currently underway at the time of writing.
1. The Inner Ring Road is? (                          )
2. Manchester airport? (                          )
4. The transportation system in Manchester is now being on the stage of additional development. (                          )
5. The orbital motorway passes through all the boroughs except Wigan. (                          )
IV. Listen to the audio and say if the statement is TRUE or FALSE. (Прослушайте аудио и определите является утверждение правдивым (True) или нет (False))
1. A one minute scene can take more than 24 hours to shoot. (                          )
2. The scene isn`t necessarily has to be shut under different angles. (                          )
3. It` s usually enough to take 12 times to shoot a scene. (                          )
4. The woman invites the man to assist her in a scene shooting. (                          )
5. The making a movie inspired a man to create his own one. (                          )
Если количество ошибок не превышает определенный лимит вы перейдете к следующему уровню теста. Иначе тест закончится и вы увидите свои результаты!
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